Central Phoenix

Central Phoenix Real Estate

Central Phoenix

Central Phoenix is a desirable urban community with a multitude of prospects for current and potential residents. Therefore, those looking for a prosperous community to move into; should search for Central Phoenix real estate.

The area is ideally bordered by Tempe, Grand Canal, McDowell Road and the Salt River. The highly developed urban center has a remarkable infrastructure that includes one of the finest public transportation systems in the state. The Sky Harbor International Airport is nearby, giving residents of Central Phoenix and neighboring areas, easy access to air travel, as well as the METRO lightrail system and a comprehensive bus schedule that features buses running later and more frequently than most cities.

When the sun goes down, the downtown area of the city comes alive with bars, wine lounges and nightclub featuring live music, a wide variety of beverages from all over the world, and some of the hottest dance floors around. The downtown area also boasts a number of fine dining places where people can experiment with a variety of cuisines to satisfy their palate.

What sets this urban community apart from others is the real estate in the area. The old and sturdy construction styles add a unique historic charm and feature an elegance that is simply unmatched.

Central Phoenix Homes for Sale

Central Phoenix has a stable real estate market of 4.5, as rated by Zillow. The real estate market has a median home value of $100,700; which is showing a positive trend as prices are predicted to rise in the future as well.

Central Phoenix real estate has a number of different real estate properties that include high rise complexes, town homes, apartment buildings and single family detached homes. Pick the accommodation of your choice by contacting Christina Ramirez and move to Central Phoenix today.